Complete Mine-to-Market Solutions

MineMarket provides access to real-time information on the entire logistics chain. It maximises commercial outcomes by charting the impact of sales, and provides a current view of the available and upcoming supply of saleable product. MineMarket can generate what-if scenarios for quick reaction to changing market conditions and optimise your sales position and revenues.

The solution provides comprehensive and integrated coverage of the logistics and sales processes for mining and mineral producers and traders. MineMarket provides a whole-enterprise view of the product logistics chain, from ore extraction to product delivery.

MineMarket Functionalities

  • Inventory Management & Tracking
    MineMarket’s supply chain model enables users to track quality, quantity, and contributors from ‘in-situ’ to shipment and beyond, for both bulk and discrete units. MineMarket provides detailed 3D stockpile modelling and blend optimisation to support stockyard management, and production and demand planning capabilities link it all together.
  • Sales & Marketing
    MineMarket connects the mine to the customer through the comprehensive management of complex contracts, including freight and service contracts. MineMarket’s robust sales and marketing capability also enables credit management, contract linking, settlement, tolling and invoicing – all in one platform!
  • Transportation & Logistics
    MineMarket features a wide range of logistics capabilities. The modelling and scheduling of trucks, ships, trains and barges, includes a range of detailed features such as complex traffic handling, equipment and transport delay management, and ship line-up. MineMarket also enables the automatic recording of user-defined incidents to identify bottlenecks in production.

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