MineMarket provides access to real-time information on the entire logistics chain. It maximizes commercial outcomes by charting the impact of sales, and provides a current view of the available and upcoming supply of saleable product.

MineMarket can generate what-if scenarios for quick reaction to changing market conditions and optimize sales position and revenues. The solution also provides comprehensive and integrated coverage of the logistics and sales processes for mining and mineral producers as well as traders. MineMarket provides a whole-enterprise view of the product logistics chain, from ore extraction to product delivery.

With MineMarket, you can:

  • Track ore, concentrate, and product inventories across the entire supply chain in bulk form and packaged form 
  • Sell and buy from anywhere in the physical process on long-term or spot contracts
  • Schedule transport to meet changing demands and maximize output of logistics processes 
  • Manage product blends to ensure contracted product quality levels are met 
  • Provide specifications for invoicing, metal balancing, stockpile blending and deviation management 

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