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Java is an extremely flexible application software development language and considered as a natural choice for multiple operating system platforms. And Mitrais certainly knows Java! With a team of over 90 developers experienced in all aspects of Java development, Mitrais is a natural partner for your businesses Java Web Application development needs. And with 12 active Java projects in development for 6 clients, we have your needs covered. Whether you need Java SE and EE, Java Servlet, JSP, Struts, JSF or Spring MVC. Mitrais provides services for Java SE and EE, Java Foundation Class (Swing, AWT, Java 2D). Mitrais also provides Java Desktop development services for Java SE and EE, Java Foundation Class (Swing, AWT, Java 2D). Our team has the skills and experience to deliver the solution you need.

Developing your web application using the Java ecosystem offers several key advantages over some other options.

  • Multiplatform capability and scalability
    This is core value proposition of the Java platform. Java applications can be deployed and executed across widely used operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X, thus offering a wide range of deployment platform options. Option to deploy Java application in open source OS such as Linux/UNIX also offers an advantage in term of lower cost deployment.
  • Lower cost development
    Java language and most of its libraries and development frameworks are open source, which offers compelling advantages in terms of lower costs required for application development.
  • Open source community support
    The Java platform is supported by numerous open source communities, from which many of the most interesting technologies were born. This ensures expedited timeframes in adopting new technologies. Examples can be seen in adoption of Big Data, Cloud deployment, DevOps, and others.
  • More modular development
    Spring framework is currently the most popular Java based software development framework for the enterprise, offering a platform that enables loose coupling between the component and more modular development in the codebase. This translates to higher flexibility in development and testing and faster delivery.

Since Java web applications typically leverage Spring as its core application framework, it has a natural fit with applications that have an enterprise-wide focus, such as for capital intensive industries. Given Mitrais’ origins in the mining industry, it is not surprising that its first major enterprise web based software development project, more than a decade ago, was Java based.

Mitrais’ Java Web team has extensive experience in creating new applications, porting existing applications, adding new application features, and even full-cycle product development. We utilise a range of Java web technologies including Java EE (Enterprise Edition), Java Servlets, Java applets, JSP (Java Server Page), J2EE, Enterprise Java Bean, Spring Frameworks and Hibernate. Our experienced developers design applications using Design Patterns (the recognised industry best practice) to ensure the solutions can fully utilise the capabilities of the application framework.

Examples of Java Web application that Mitrais has delivered include:

  • A Cloud based multi tenancy healthcare web application
  • The Mitrais Medical System product to streamline hospital business operations
  • A Message and Data Management System
  • Rewriting a client specific component to ensure compatibility with their new ERP system
  • Developing an inspection module for a client ERP system
  • Developing Training module for a client ERP system

If your business roadmap calls for a sophisticated and productive Java Web application, Mitrais should be your first port of call.


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