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Cyber Security Solution

Mitrais protects your business against ransomware and targeted attacks with our cyber security services and product that prevent, detect, and respond to emerging security threats from your servers, cloud services, and devices. Our experts conduct a cyber security risk assessment on your current IT environment, determine possible weaknesses from the local, remote, cloud, containerized, or virtual infrastructure, and create solutions to solve the problems.

With cyber threats and data theft increasing at an alarming rate, you need the most up-to-date security systems to prevent damaging attacks that could cost you millions of dollars or the company's reputation. Our cybersecurity solution will ensure your organization has the right assurance to ensure you stay safe, secure, and protected.

Why Mitrais

We provide cyber security services and products that protect your customers' identity and sensitive business data and guard email access vulnerabilities with integrated information security solutions. As many organizations don't have access to internal resources due to constrained budgets, our professionals are ready to augment your IT team with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Our security consultants will conduct a cyber security risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing combined with ongoing threat detection and support you need to block attacks before they happen. When you are ready to hire cybersecurity professionals, we will be there to optimize efficiency, minimize costs and ensure maximum ROI.

Our Products


Network and
Perimeter Security

Next-generation protection safeguards your company's intranet, company networks, and external network boundaries from hackers, intruders, or perpetrators. It includes detection, analyzing patterns, determining threats, and protecting your company's assets from internal or external sources. This solution include: Next-gen Firewall (NGFW), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Advanced Threat Protection/ Defense (ATP/ATD), Anti DDoS


Web & Mail

Solutions that protect users from web-based or advanced email threats like malware, ransomware, or impersonation, develop and enforce internal policies, filter users' Internet and email, clean data and form a security service that on-site or remote users can use. This solution include: Secure Web gateway, Web isolation, Mail isolation, Phishing protection



The cybersecurity front line protects all vulnerable entry points for end-users like laptops, desktops, and mobile devices from cybersecurity threats. This solution include: Endpoint protection, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) / Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Vulnerability Management



A collection sets of policies, controls, procedures, and technologies to protect business cloud systems, data, and services from the cyberthreats.



Security protection at the application level by finding the vulnerabilities, fixing, and enhancing the security of the application throughout the entire application lifecycle.



Security measures used to protect database systems from malicious attacks and illegitimate use, designed to establish database confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Asset Management
& Monitoring

Centralized data management and tracking of your company-wide assets and protection of your IT assets, services, processes, and networks will ensure your company runs safely and securely. This solution include: IT Asset Management, Service desk Management, Network Monitoring System (NMS), SIEM



A solution that combines multiple feeds of data about attack signatures and threat actors, providing additional context for security events and improving the security analysis.

Our Services


Cybersecurity Consulting

A comprehensive assessment of cyber security process and systems in a detailed report with solutions and recommendations of best practices, policies, and procedures to mitigate the cyber threat risk.


Vulnerability Assessment

A technical assessment designed to yield as many security weaknesses as possible in the company environment, along with severity and remediation to mitigate the risk.


Penetration Testing

A simulated cyberattack designed to validate specific exploitation points and areas of high vulnerability.

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