Delivering True Workforce Scale – IOOF

Enabling scalability is a key benefit delivered by working with Mitrais and has enabled IOOF to deliver on major software development projects that make a significant difference to their customers.

IOOF has been helping Australians achieve financial independence for over 170 years by offering quality financial advice, products, and services to around 1 million customers across the country. By purchasing a number of competitors within the financial advice and services industry, IOOF is set to become Australia’s largest and leading wealth company, offering them the opportunity to increase financial literacy and financial well-being for their customers across the board.

Mitrais is involved in developing IOOF’s new generation platform technology called Evolve. ‘Project Evolve’ will see IOOF’s existing platforms simplified and consolidated and the advisor’s heritage products will be migrated to the Evolve platform in 2021.

As Damien O’Donnell, the General Manager of Platform Technology & Architecture at IOOF Holdings Ltd states, “We decided we needed another way of scaling our IT workforce. We evaluated 5 nearshore providers and selected Mitrais based on a number of factors, e.g., cultural fit, size & scale, IT skills, and ability to grow skill sets”.

Mitrais and IOOF have worked together to establish a strong working relationship, as Mitrais offers IOOF the ability to work with a dedicated software development team that fosters a complementary culture to their own, offers the size and scalability required for projects like Evolve and a wider range of skill sets available to work on projects that may require them. “I consider the Mitrais relationship to be growing in importance,” says Damien. “We currently have the highest number of Mitrais staff working on our account we have ever done.”

IOOF has been able to extend its in-house development team and add to its existing IT skill base with the experienced and dedicated team of remote software developers available through Mitrais. According to Damien, “Mitrais has delivered IOOF true workforce scale within the Evolve 21 program of work”. Our dedicated software development team has allowed for greater capacity and spread across the development of the Evolve Platform, affording IOOF a strong position for new developments and future growth.

By offering a remote, flexible development team, Mitrais can deliver on a few of the core tenants of the IOOF business: "Understand Me, Look After Me and Secure My Future”. These are the core principles that IOOF deliver to both their advisers and their customers, and we are proud to be able to deliver those same benefits to IOOF itself.


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