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While many of Mitrais’ partners are large and long-established companies with a long history of augmenting their internal software development teams with near-shore developers, it’s always great to hear the stories of newer organisations in growth mode who are taking advantage of the same model to increase their velocity.

A perfect example is the Alpha Companies Group. Established in 2006, Alpha Car Hire started out in Brisbane as a family-run car hire business with just 3 staff and 15 cars. Though they were initially a small player in the market, the founders truly believed that they could challenge the market and deliver their customers a great product at a better price, and they were right! Since then, Alpha has expanded to become a national provider of car hire, car finance and airport parking services. Alpha Companies continues to grow, employing more than 100 staff and managing a vehicle fleet of over 3500 vehicles. They are still just as passionate about their purpose.

In 2019, Alpha’s management team had already developed a plan to upgrade their software systems to enable their strong growth trajectory by providing even better solutions for staff and online experiences for customers.

Striving to challenge the market by helping their customers save while having an awesome experience with Alpha, they have embarked on a digital transformation leveraging technology to make smarter and faster data-driven decisions to support their goal to grow the fleet to 10,000+ in the coming years.

Having had experience successfully partnering with us in past roles, a key member of Alpha’s management suggested Mitrais might be a good fit for the job.

Mr Rex Kelly, General Manager of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) for the Alpha Companies explains. “It was clear that offshore technical services provide a competitive rate when compared to sourcing local talent, but we needed more from a partner” he said.

The solution that Alpha had in mind was not just an out of the box one. They needed to be able to receive and process user registration data from their website, have that data available to their analytics system, integration with third party services in order to manage operations efficiently, generate and store documentation, and automate customer interaction utilising SMS and email communications. A high degree of technical sophistication was required, and the ability to create and maintain a transparent high-trust relationship was a must.

Mitrais delivered for Rex on these criteria. “Mitrais initially provided very useful technical advice and resources to develop integration between our required systems” he says, “and they were able to supplement that with detailed analysis of the financial requirements relating to our products and services”.

“Most importantly, Mitrais continues to provide quick response times in resolving technical issues supporting the day to day operations of our IT” says Rex.

We are excited that the project Mitrais is involved in is helping Alpha continue on the path to success, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship between us as we work with them to continue their strong growth.

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