IT Vision Australia's SynergySoft Transformed to Software-as-a-Service Solution

The Background

IT Vision has been providing software products and services for Australian Local Government and Port Authorities for more than 30 years. Seeing the continually changing market, IT Vision has observed how it is becoming more cloud and mobility based, and driven by a customer preference to consume as-a-service.

IT Vision understands that the ability to access data and tools anytime, anywhere, will be a huge boost for its clients. Thus, in order to satisfy its large customer base, and continue to grow into new markets, IT Vision decided to make some fundamental changes to SynergySoft.

“It was essential for the success of IT Vision, our customers and SynergySoft itself that we embarked on a process to redevelop our core product,” said Adrian Halid, the CTO of IT Vision. “As an organization, the last thing we wanted was to become complacent; we want to be seen and known as the innovators in the Digital Enterprise Management marketplace.”

The Requirement

Bringing the vision to life involved developing the strategic product and solutions offering, using the Altus platform; a brand new platform employing the latest in software design principles. Altus is cloud based, device independent and mobile responsive. The redevelopment will transform IT Vision’s products to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), adding flexibility and improvements which sharpen its customers’ competitive edge in this ever-evolving IT world.

“The redevelopment of our existing software packages is a significant task,” Adrian said, explaining that the software has been developed and evolving over 25 years, providing a very feature rich package. Not only that, SynergySoft has to retain its existing form as it is used by over 140 Councils and seven Port Authorities, meaning there is a large customer base who is already familiar and comfortable with SynergySoft’s user interface.

IT Vision needed to redevelop its software while simultaneously managing its rapidly growing business interest and expanding customer base, hence they sought an alternative that would ramp up their development team capability quickly. That was when they found Mitrais.

The Solution

“Mitrais allowed us to find the skilled resources we required, and engaged them in a very flexible and productive manner. They improved our capacity to create a dedicated and focused team to deliver new software and features quickly,” explained Adrian.

“Mitrais has been outstanding in every respect; assuring our dedicated development resources complete their work in a high quality manner and meet the critical deadlines. They are very focused on ensuring their staff are continually trained and have access to skilled resources in their organisation to meet our business needs,” Adrian said. “They are continually striving to ensure we are getting the best from their staff. We are very happy with the results achieved.”

As a SaaS solution, SynergySoft will eliminate the need for large upfront costs or annual license fees. Customers will only have to pay on per person per month basis; when they stop using, they stop paying.

SynergySoft’s flexibility will add to businesses’ capabilities to accommodate the changing workplace trend, where working hours are more flexible and working space is no longer confined to office buildings. To be effective, employees need to have access to tools and data on the go; anywhere, anytime and Altus is helping to provide improvements in time efficiency, productivity and user experience. The new developments already available in the Altus platform are Online Timesheets, a suite of Enterprise Mobility apps, Enterprise Risk Management, Contracts & Tender Management and an Enterprise Content Management solution.

Following SynergySoft’s redevelopment, IT Vision will continue to scale up the Altus product suite since, “The platform allows for powerful rapid prototyping, release and iteration, thus getting solutions into the hands of our customers faster than ever,” Adrian explained. “We look forward to being able to deliver new and innovative product offerings to our customers using this platform, starting right now.”

He added that IT Vision will be increasing its focus on areas such as mobility, analytics and cloud as these technologies are gaining significance and ground among their customers.


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