Case Studies: RYCO Hydraulics Pty Ltd

When it comes to the manufacture of high-pressure hydraulic hose and fittings for the Mining, Construction, Agriculture, and Defence industries, RYCO Hydraulics is an industry leader with operations since 1946. To provide high quality and technologically superior fluid conveying connection solutions to its global customer base, RYCO Hydraulics' products continuously evolve alongside the technological advancement made throughout the decades.

The Background

RYCO Hydraulics has developed a RYCO Asset Management (RAM) solution to support customers in the proactive maintenance of their equipment with the benefits of reduced equipment downtime and increased safety.

RAM is RYCO’s standout digital platform with the ability to easily register and label each asset on equipment and allocate those assets based on geographical locations. Intelligent QR-enabled labels provide easy identification of hose assemblies and smart features make change-over of faulty assemblies or maintaining accurate inspection histories a breeze.

The Requirement

To realize the project, RYCO Hydraulics needed a team of software developers with a range of capabilities, primarily in Web and mobile application - a team that they could not spare from their current workforce. After much deliberation, RYCO Hydraulics pursued the option of engaging a nearshore software development partner.

“The four drivers that are important to us are: Cost, Capacity, Collaboration, and Process,” RYCO’s Group IT Manager, Adam Rollo explained about the factors that influenced RYCO Hydraulics’ decision. “Cost at a price point we can sustain. Capacity that will enable us to scale up or down effectively. Collaboration, where the lines of communication are clear and consistent. Process, where changes are monitored, methodologies exist and are supervised.”

The Solution

After watching a video of Mitrais’ Group CEO David Magson, featured on one of the leading media outlets in Australia, where he explained the Mitrais’ value proposition, Mr Rollo decided to give the nearshore technology company a try. In addition to the fact that Mitrais’ values are in line with RYCO Hydraulics’ four drivers, Mr Rollo also factored in Mitrais’ past experience in the mining industry when making his decision. Mining is one of the largest industries that RYCO manufactures and provides services for.

RYCO Hydraulics is working with Mitrais team to equip the RAM digital platform with new capabilities that include manufacturing of an asset, and customer service location which help customers locate their nearest RYCO 24/7 for service.

“Products upgrades will keep going,” said Mr Rollo. “In the near future, we are looking to develop applications that make it simpler for our customers to interact with us, and simplify our supply chain to improve information flow to our customers and suppliers.”

When asked about what advantages RYCO Hydraulics gain from engaging Mitrais’ forces, Mr Rollo replied, “Availability of qualified resources who can scale depending on our requirements and business challenges, and ability to constantly deliver the four drivers.”


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