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In the quest for innovation and digital excellence, Singaporean businesses face the challenge of scaling their software development capabilities quickly and efficiently. Mitrais offers a seamless solution with access to top-tier software development talent from Indonesia, expertly matched to your project needs. Discover how our team augmentation services can transform your business, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive Singapore market.


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    Why Mitrais

    Mitrais, a world-class software development firm from Indonesia, extends a unique competitive advantage to businesses in Singapore with our exceptional software development team augmentation and nearshore staff augmentation services. This collaboration transcends mere manpower expansion; it integrates unparalleled expertise, seamless cultural fit, cost effectiveness, and a steadfast commitment to both quality and security.

    Our extensive network of top-tier software developers ensures your projects are supported by specialists precisely tailored to meet your specific requirements, driving innovation and enhancing performance. This meticulous alignment guarantees smooth integration and efficient project delivery, tailored to the nuances of the Singaporean corporate landscape.

    Moreover, engaging with Mitrais unlocks significant cost savings, providing access to premium development talent at a fraction of local costs, thereby enhancing your budget efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards, underscored by our adherence to OECD guidelines and ISO 27001 certification, ensures your projects advance securely and competently.

    Hire team augmentation services from Mitrais is not just about augmenting your team; it's about empowering your projects with committed, world-class experts, aimed at propelling your success in a competitive domain.

    Technical Depth

    Singapore's tech landscape is fiercely competitive, with companies constantly vying for the top spot in innovation, efficiency, and market reach. A common pain point is the scarcity of high-caliber software developers who can deliver complex projects on time, within budget, and at the required level of quality. This is where Mitrais steps in.

    In the rapidly evolving digital world, technical challenges such as maintaining high-quality software development standards and ensuring the security of intellectual property are paramount concerns for Singaporean businesses. Mitrais addresses these critical pain points head-on with a comprehensive approach. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your software development capabilities with our expert team augmentation service. Let's discuss how our cross-border collaboration can drive your business forward with innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled quality.

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    Some of Our Clients

    For the past three decades, our technology team has crafted and implemented bespoke extended development team solutions and systems for more than 500 clients. Mitrais stands as a global leader, boasting offices in Australia and Singapore and featuring teams of highly proficient front-end and back-end developers. We excel in delivering premier software development team augmentation services, ensuring the excellence of our staff through our unique competency evaluation system.
    We engaged Mitrais to scale our internal development team. The engagement is awesome and their developers able to works hand in hand with our internal team with less to no friction. The whole Mitrais support (not only their developers), from Account Management, Project Management, Finance, Customer Relationship, etc has been exceptionally good and we are happy with their services. We look forward to continuing this good relationship on a long term basis.
    DANNY KURNIAWAN • Singapore
    HEAD OF IT, globalORE Pte Ltd
    I worked for Mitrais before, so I know about their quality and professionalism. When the company needs a partner in software development, I know whom to look for.
    Devid Andriyano • Singapore
    CEO, Infinit Group Pte Ltd
    We have partnered with Mitrais since 2009. They have very talented people and being in a similar time zone works for an Australian company like us.
    Edward Chung • Australia
    CEO, TechnologyOne

    The tech stack designed to deliver results

    With over 700 clients and counting, Mitrais effectively implements the right technologies to suit your individual business needs and deliver the best results.

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