Robotic Process Automation (RPA) For Financial Services

Mitrais utilise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to organise and automate the complex operations of banking and fintech software solutions, allowing our clients to dramatically streamline and minimise the manual processing of data.


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Why Mitrais?

Mitrais are a leading banking software development company and fintech software development company with 30 years’ experience in creating innovative digital solutions. Now Mitrais provide high-quality robotic process automation solutions to clients across the financial services industry. Our robotics experts help financial services clients identify repetitive tasks and inefficient business processes and develop solutions that will make day-to-day operations scalable and save time and money.

First, our robotics professionals will work closely with your team so we can develop a deep understanding of your business needs. Then we will create and implement RPA financial solutions where automation could improve financial data accuracy, enhance data analysis and forecasting, ensure compliance, generate cost-efficiency. We’ll leverage your existing infrastructure without disrupting underlying systems, perform many operations in parallel from desktop to cloud environments; and ensure your teams are devoting their expertise to other projects.

Mitrais is known as Indonesia’s leading provider of offshore development services, according to Forrester Research, we are lauded for our ability to recognize the ever-changing, complex technology environment. And we combine proven best practices with highly trained new skills and insights to meet the future, bring new software to market at lightning speed, and transform your business processes with robotic automation processing. As a result of using a proprietary competency system, our 500 permanent full-time certified developers have been able to bring the highest level of trust and expertise to the table.

We Understand Your Pain Point

Technical Depth

In today’s competitive environment, financial services companies including banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and pension fund managers are facing big changes. They’re dealing with customer demands that require speed, accurate auditing, greater security, data quality, and operational excellence.

Many of the identifiable essential business processes are suitable for RPA. Robotic process automation in financial service can gain a competitive advantage while meeting immediate customer needs and gaining greater efficiency. We understand that sometimes resources can be difficult to come by for improving business processes. Our RPA services professionals are highly trained in a wide range of technologies.

When we are finished, we’ll make sure the processes will be rule-based and not dependent upon human judgment, functioning, and stable, and will be initiated by a digital trigger and supported by digital data. We’ll test everything to be sure all complies with your business needs and operational requirements; is secure with no cyber threats or risks, and all functionality is working properly.

Long Term Partnership

At Mitrais our mission is to create and maintain long-term, high-trust relationships with our clients that lead to lasting partnerships. And the strategy works. We work on developing high-trust relationships with companies who want to work with the best talent across the world to deliver cutting edge software solutions. With more than 500 clients globally, we know what it takes to develop long term relationships and partnerships with organisations to deliver great software.
Your success is our success.

I wanted to say just how greatly we value the job your Mitrais’ developer is doing – she is an extremely valuable part of our back-end team! Her technical level is strong and her work ethic and commitment as well as fitting in well with our team is really fantastic.

Ignition Wealth - Mike Giles
Mike Giles, CTO
Ignition Wealth, Australia

Mitrais initially provided very useful technical advice and resources to develop integration between our required systems and they were able to supplement that with detailed analysis of the financial requirements relating to our products and services. Most importantly, Mitrais continues to provide quick response times in resolving technical issues supporting the day to day operations of our IT.

Rex Kelly, General Manager of ICT
Alpha Companies, Australia

Working alongside our internal teams, the Mitrais teams have enabled us to undertake much needed technical and UX upgrades of our websites and backend, while also delivering a steady stream of new features that offered real value to our business. They have provided us with talented pool of developers that are willing to tackle any challenge presented to them and the flexible and elastic structure of the teams allows us to utilise them on a variety of different types of projects.

Michael Peyper from IOOF
Michael Peyper, Technical Methods Coach
IOOF, Australia

Some of Our Clients

Case Studies

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Certification & Recognition

Integrated Engagement Model

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Estimation is backed up by M-CMS system auto-generated inputs. Timesheet and project management uses Microsoft Project Server and is integrated with our own SONIC system. Depending on the client’s requirement, Mitrais uses either Waterfall (RUP – Rational Unified Process) or Agile (SCRUM development cycle). Estimation and modelling for software development is supported by Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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