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Agile software development allows you to react swiftly and efficiently to changing market requirements. By engaging a truly agile-first software development company, you back yourself to be led by innovation. That’s why more than 500 companies around the world work with Mitrais.


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Why Mitrais?

Mitrais is dedicated to agile software development, ensuring greater effectiveness, efficiency and innovation at all stages of the software development cycle. With decades of experience in software development and a truly ingrained Agile mindset, we are able to assist companies across Asia Pacific in developing complex software development projects, minor and major upgrades to software and innovative digital solutions that are cost effective and deployment-ready. Rated as Indonesia’s leading provider of offshore development services (by Forrester Research), Mitrais is dedicated to creating software solutions that create efficiencies for both your organisation and your customer.

We Understand Your Pain Point

Technical Depth

Software development now requires organisations to be leaders in new technologies, faster than the speed of light in deployment and constantly on top of maintenance for existing apps and systems. No longer do we see the long development cycles with significant new versions. Instead, we see an ever-evolving piece of software that requires many hands to make light work of it’s ongoing development and maintenance.

That’s why companies across Asia Pacific trust Mitrais and our agile software development and agile software development consulting services.

Our experienced team of remote, world-class developers have deep knowledge and experience in Agile methodologies, from Scrum to Kanban, Lean to CI/CD and the Spotify Squad Model. Agile Software development allows for greater efficiency, allows you to demonstrates greater value to the end user and allows for faster fixes to problems that can arise in software. To truly take advantage of an Agile Software Development approach, an organisation must first master the mindset before applying the methodology. At Mitrais, we offer Agile Software Development Consulting to work hand-in-hand with our Agile Software Development, allowing your organisation to shift their thinking and bring your in-house development team across to this new way of thinking and ensure that your software can be maintained well into the future.

By working with Mitrais as your offshore development partner, you remove the need for long and frustrating recruitment cycles, extensive team training and burdensome operating costs. With our proprietary competency systems, we are able to guarantee the quality of each and every one of our staff members, giving you access to an experienced and dedicated team that work for you exactly when you need them, and never when you don’t. By truly embracing agile software development, organisations are able to transform business performance and drive innovation across their industries.

Long Term Partnership

Mitrais prides itself on developing long term relationships with clients who are proud to work with us time and time again. Our success is defined by delivering successful agile software development to you, and so we are determined to make sure that each project, update or innovation is delivered on time, on budget and on brand. With our agile software development consulting services we are able to maintain longer term relationships that can seriously change the mindset and thinking of your organisation. We work on developing high-trust relationships with companies who want to work with the best talent across the world to deliver cutting-edge software solutions. With more than 500 clients globally, we know what it takes to develop long term relationships and partner with organisations to deliver great software.

We have partnered with Mitrais since 2009. They have very talented people and being in a similar time zone works for an Australian company like us.

Edward Chung
Edward Chung, CEO
Technology One, Australia

I would like to share with you the positive experience we have so far since all this has begun. We haven’t had any issues with your staff transitioning to a remote working model and from a key projects perspective, we continue to see active engagement and good delivery output from the team. We continue to run our usual stand up, technical meeting etc with 100% utilisation of our collaboration tools like jira, MS Teams and zoom without any issues.

Well done to all the Mitrais team for keeping the operations going during these times.

Ben Teo, Chief Project Officer
GS1 Australia Pty Ltd, Australia

On behalf of the MediRecords management, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by you on bringing Cairns HHS live 3 days ago. Your diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication to always go the extra mile in order to achieve the best possible results is really admirable.

The management team at MediRecords know the amount of effort that you put into your job and we want to assure you that your efforts are significantly appreciated. Once again, thank you so much! We are lucky to have you on our team.

fei teng photo
Fei Teng, IT Manager
MediRecords, Australia

Some of Our Clients

Case Studies

Bright Technologies
Derek van Buren said Mitrais’ exceptional customer service and strong work ethic were central to the success of the relationship. “It was important that we worked with an organization that shared our values of commitment, determination, and innovation. Mitrais has been a good fit for us.”
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DocsCorp utilised Mitrais’ expertise in most of the development process. The Mitrais team’s involvement began at the architectural design stage. The DocsCorp team visualised most of the application’s blueprint, while the Mitrais team helped to fine tune it prior to development.
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Certification & Recognition

Integrated Engagement Model

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Estimation is backed up by M-CMS system auto-generated inputs. Timesheet and project management uses Microsoft Project Server and is integrated with our own SONIC system. Depending on the client’s requirement, Mitrais uses either Waterfall (RUP – Rational Unified Process) or Agile (SCRUM development cycle). Estimation and modelling for software development is supported by Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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