Software Development Newsletter: Q1 2022

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Mitrais Newsletter.

The year 2022 has certainly hit the ground running. As Covid-19 starts to recede from our collective consciousness, the world starts to return to a more normal way of operating. We are pleased to see that many of our partners are starting to return to business as usual, that borders are starting to open and opportunities across the Asia Pacific region continue to grow. That is my hope for all of us, that we continue to see opportunity and take advantage of it when it appears before us.

In this edition of the Mitrais Newsletter, we are focussing in on our long-term partners, the latest in app development technology and on our passionate employees. We hope you find the articles this month interesting and informative.

Improving processes is at the heart of what Mitrais do, and we love getting to work with a company who is as passionate about improving processes for their clients as we are. Enter BUZ Software, a specialist in software for made to measure products like soft furnishings. Learn how Mitrais were able to work with BUZ Software to expand their on-shore development team quickly and easily and create a lasting business partnership.

With an increased expectation on new features and more frequent releases, Agile has become the method of choice for developers wanting to deliver for their customers. But how do you ensure the absolute best of security when delivering new releases at an ever-increasing rate? In our article on Developing Secure Software, we discuss the key considerations for those developing software using agile methodology, and how key considerations like Learning and Education, Quality Assurance and Certification can help ensure that your software is secure.

Flutter is a cross-platform application development toolkit, developed by Google, that is taking the world by storm. It provides quicker and easier development, allowing you to build beautiful apps with intuitive and reactive interfaces. In this white paper, Mitrais outlines the key consideration points for choosing an app development framework, showcasing the top 6 frameworks available right now, allowing you to evaluate the best solution for your team.

Finally, we would like to showcase Andriansyah (Andri) Bachtar, our VP of Finance, as this month’s featured employee. Born and raised in Jakarta, Andri spent the first 30 years of his life in the one place and worked deep in the hustle and bustle of the largest city in South East Asia. Andri takes a particularly holistic approach to business, and to his tastes in music, and his personal philosophy “Life is too short. The here and the now, and you’re only given one shot” illustrates how he has traversed both his life and his career, taking every opportunity that has come his way. We all have much to learn from Andri as we navigate this time in the world. We are so proud to have Andri as part of our Mitrais family.

Enjoy this edition of the Mitrais newsletter!

Improving Processes and Keeping One Eye on Emerging Technologies – BUZ Software

Featured Client BUZ Software

Improving processes is at the heart of what Mitrais does, and we love getting to work with a company who is as passionate about improving processes for their clients as we are.

Enter BUZ Software. BUZ Software specialises in software for made-to-measure products, particularly in the soft furnishings industry, including manufacturers of blinds, curtains, drapes, etc. Through their software platform, BUZ provides a total end-to-end, cloud-based solution that enables their users to manage leads, quotes, orders, production management, dispatch, stock and inventory with ease. That means that everything from their customers initial phone call or visit to a showroom, through to production, installation and final payment are taken care of through the one platform. The tight integration between modules in BUZ enables you to enter data once and have accurate, real-time information throughout the customer cycle. With access to instant, mission-critical data, this financial solution becomes a powerful competitive tool that enhances customer service and decision-making.

Mitrais has worked with the team behind BUZ Software by expanding their on-shore development team quickly and easily.

“The obvious advantage was that [Mitrais] is a managed team and being able to build this team quicker and simpler is definitely an advantage,” says Brendan Saunders, Chief Technology Officer at BUZ Software. “The service has allowed us to implement new features and move forward with our product quicker and a little bit more cost effective than before.”

Mitrais continues to assist the team at BUZ Software with the development of new features and general maintenance and improvement of their platform. Through our dedicated software development teams, we offer access to a team of experienced and professional developers that are on hand when BUZ Software needs them, and not when they don’t.

With their passionate drive for better solutions for their partners and a desire to improve processes, BUZ Software trusts that Mitrais will provide them with insights into new ways of thinking about core business problems, as well as in-depth knowledge of new and upcoming technologies, offering greater efficiencies and the absolute best service to their customers.

By working with Mitrais as an offshore provider of development services, BUZ Software gains a varied perspective from a trusted partner on new and advanced technologies being used in broader applications across the world, offering them a competitive edge in technology over their competitors. This affords BUZ Software the opportunity to strategically expand the offering they provide to their own customers, allowing them to be at the very leading edge in their field.

By offering a quick-to-implement and cost-effective service, Mitrais continues to partner with BUZ Software in providing a fantastic niche platform for their customers. We congratulate BUZ Software on creating such a fantastic product, and we are proud to be a partner in your success. We look forward to continuing to work with you to develop new and exciting features in your software!

Flutter: A Comparative Analysis

Flutter Analysis

Flutter is a cross-platform application development toolkit developed by Google. The popularity of Flutter is imminent as it enables faster development, with a flexible UI and customization, including the creation of natively compiled applications across platforms such as mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices with the help of a single codebase. Flutter applications are developed using Dart, which is a simple object-oriented programming language. Currently, Google uses Flutter for some of its most popular applications, namely Google Assistant, Google Home Hub UI, and much more. Nearly 50,000 Flutter-based applications are available in Google Play Store, and the numbers are increasing at a staggering rate.

The significance of cross-platform app development is gaining traction, and the reason behind its rising demand is faster development and quicker time-to-market, reduced costs, and the use of a single codebase for various platforms. As a result, several organizations are opting for cross-platform development frameworks and technologies, but the debate over the appropriate choice of framework continues to prevail. In recent years, various frameworks and technologies have been at the forefront of application development, but each consists of varying attributes that make them differ from one another. Therefore, evaluating the application development frameworks requires a developer’s perspective to understand the effectiveness of the frameworks.

This evaluation brings comparative analysis of how Flutter performs against some of the existing application development frameworks, emphasizing the key considerations highlighted from a developer’s perspective. Download and get our complete White Paper here.

Andriansyah (Andri) Bachtar – The Digital Journey, through IT to Finance

Featured Employee - Andriansyah Bachtar

A passionate music omnivore, this month meet our VP of Finance, Andri Bachtar. From working in construction to kicking-off the digital journey of his life, Andri brings his unique perspective to his work at Mitrais. Read on for more on Andri!

Born and raised in Jakarta, Andri spent the first 30 years of his life in the one place and worked deep in the hustle and bustle of the largest city in South East Asia. With previous experience in manufacturing and construction, for both local and international companies, Andri was able to work for the company that built the Mass Rapid Transit project (MRT) in Jakarta. It was after this project that he became interested in working for a fully serviced-based company.

“I believe that opportunity doesn’t come twice” says Andri, and clearly the opportunity to work in a service-based company like Mitrais, which is focussed on human skills and creative outputs, was too good to pass up. It was this that inspired him to move from Jakarta to Bali, and Andri has never looked back.

“Joining Mitrais is another journey of my life, the digital journey.” Mitrais’ focus on the digital world allows Andri to be part of the ways that digital journeys are making up our modern way of life. The importance of storytelling in this era is so important, and Andri see’s that being embodied in the digital world, particularly across social media, in corporate communications and yes, even in accounting reports.

Andri takes a particularly holistic approach to business, and holds both a Bachelor’s Degree in finance and a Master’s Degree in marketing. “Marketing insights are an additional tool to help us understand the company business, not just in accounting reports, but in the stories we tell to our customers” says Andri.

Andri has an interest in everything tech and while he may work in finance, is interested in, and remains up to date with the latest technology, seeing digital as the key for our future life. But his true passion is music, and while being a complete music omnivore (from Taylor Swift to Titik Puspa), Andri cites prog-rock band Dream Theatre as one of his all-time favourites. “Nietzsche said that ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’ I couldn’t agree more with that.”

“My favourite quote is “Life is too short. The here and the now, and you’re only given one shot” It’s from the Dream Theater song, The Spirit Carries On. I like to think I’ve lived by those words.”

Mitrais is proud to have Andri as part of our Mitrais family, and we look forward to discussing music with you in the office soon.