At Mitrais, we have a great work environment with energetic and creative people who are committed to work together to create a competitive edge for our customers. We strive to deliver the best standard of professional excellence and integrity.

Advantages of working at Mitrais include:

  • Competitive compensation & benefits
  • Career advancement based on level of competence, instead of seniority
  • Dynamic environment for continous learning
  • Good work – life balance

Our Culture is reflected in our values:

  • We understand our customers and add value
  • We are competent in what we do
  • Clearly a leader in our fields
  • We are profitable and efficient
  • We can be proud to work for Mitrais
  • We add value to society
  • We are flexible and able to adapt

Grow with Mitrais

Your career development will be shaped by the needs of the business and complimented by a mature competency-based review system. There is a development ladder for every Job Family. This means, promotion into higher stages and grades is merit-based, determined by your level of competence, your acquisition of the right skills, and your willingness to assume greater responsibilities. Mitrais focuses on professionalism through competency improvement.

Plus, job-specific training covers both technical and soft skills, such as creating powerful presentations to improving an employee’s understanding of Mitrais’ development methodology, to business concepts. In our learning environment, you will not only receive formal training but also experientially share with others’ through your interaction with participants and experts

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