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Our Mission is to build long term, high trust relationship with our clients as we provide services which add value to their business.

We provide high quality software development services for our clients across a wide range of technologies, supported by testing, design, user experience and managed services.


When contracting software development services you should have very high levels of trust and confidence in your supplier.

The Mitrais software development process always ensures you get the deliverables agreed upon while also flexibly managing any necessary changes. In this way, we underpin long term, high trust partnerships with our clients. We call it Peace of Mind.

Mitrais’ talented software development personnel have been trained to integrate and collaborate with your staff at every level of your business as closely aligned co-workers. Our processes and methods enable us to function as a seamless extension of your internal team, enhancing productivity and performance.

Mitrais achieves this by understanding how your business works, identifying with your corporate culture then strictly adhering to your processes, procedures and deadlines.

We follow CMMI compliant software processes and enforce the highest professional competency standards for our software engineers based on the IEEE Software Engineering and PMI Project Management Bodies of Knowledge.

The Mitrais Competency Framework

The Mitrais Competency Framework is a continuous learning and development program where we design, develop and measure the competencies of our staff to ensure that market demand is met and output is at the highest possible levels of quality. 

It represents a 15-year investment in competency system development that is a key differentiator in the market place. It enables us to shape fresh graduates into competent and rounded professionals. It enables us to continuously reinvent experienced staff in an ever-changing world. It ensures our clients receive the highest quality output of services.

Mitrais defines all the competencies required to deliver quality work to its clients and to support its own internal operations.

We pride ourselves on continuously developing our people to keep up with all new advances in the software industry and our dedication to staff development is reflected in our Competency Framework.

Having a systematic process of continual improvement brings about advantages to both our clients and the company including:

  • Providing assurance of quality outcomes for clients
  • Providing an environment of continued development and learning for staff
  • Ensuring integrity in career progression
  • Continuous improvement in operational efficiency


Mitrais’ policy is to carry a bench of 25% of its software engineers so as to be able to respond quickly to clients’ demands. These staff are deployed to internal projects dealing with technologies we believe the market needs. 

Project Management

As the foundation for our project management discipline, we use the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Our project managers are trained in PMBOK by external, fully qualified PMI training providers. In addition, our project managers and team leads are fully conversant with SCRUM and Agile techniques.