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Area of Expertise

✔ AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and on-premise virtualized environments

✔ Microservices and containerisation

✔ Serverless computing

✔ Auto Scaling

✔ Performance monitoring

✔ Delivery process optimisation

✔ Security, risk and compliance

✔ Infrastructure management

✔ AWS Consulting partner

✔ Maturity and capability assessments​

    • 100+ AWS Technical professionals

    • 3 AWS Business professionals

✔ Microsoft Azure partner

Example Projects

  • Microservices e.g.: AWS Fargate, Docker, Kubernetes and Red Shift
  • Serverless e.g.: AWS Lambda & API Gateway, AWS ELB, AWS CloudFront
  • Performance scaling e.g.: AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Fargate
  • Performance monitoring e.g.: NewRelics, Loggly, Splunk
  • Infrastructure e.g.: Terraform
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