PT Mandala Karya Prima (MKP) Chooses MineScape for Quick Turn-Arounds Mine Planning

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“Our clients often require presentation of mine planning data in quick turn-arounds with little warning, and MineScape helps to shorten mine planning time significantly” say Ali Irwansah Hasibuan, Dept Head of Engineering of PT MKP.

Knowing that MineScape already provided the much of the input data that they use for mine planning and scheduling, PT MKP have decided to go all in and adopt MineScape for that too.

“All of the drill data, coal modelling, mine design and reserve calculations comes from other areas using MineScape, so it was not a difficult decision. MineScape also combines fast and accurate data processing.” he added.

“Combined with the excellent support from Mitrais’ Mining Solutions Group, MineScape is the answer to many challenges we have seen in the past”.

PT Mandala Karya Prima was established in 2006 and is a fast-growing coal mining contractor that provides a wide range of services to the mining sector. PT MKP has the capability to provide a complete, sustainable mining solutions ranging from pre-mining, mining, post-mining through to shipment. PT MKP is one of the subsidiaries of the Mandiri group, which operate around Sesayap, East Kalimantan.

MineScape is the best mine planning solutions in the market that covers all mine planning process including geological database, geology modelling, and mine planning areas. Mitrais has been selling and supporting MineScape in Indonesia and ASEAN for 28 years. We are looking forward to providing ongoing value to MKP and other clients.

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