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How Process Mapping Proves a HIS’ Reliability

Process mapping provides a better understanding of how a system works in business and on projects. It describes every activity using a clear and detailed diagram that allows anyone reading it to understand what has happened quickly and correctly. Read more to know how Mitrais uses process mapping in implementing and developing KMS.

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Apps for Office is Hot, Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is Cool

There’s always pros and cons between using Apps for Office and Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). See what our developers have to say about it.


Should I Learn Objective-C or Swift First in 2017?

Which one should you learn first? Objective-C or Swift? Read this to help make a good decision!


Spry Scheduler Introduced to Future Mining Professionals

In December, Mitrais’ sales manager Aditya Ari Marindra became a guest lecturer in a workshop for mining scheduling at the Trisakti University, Jakarta, as a part of Mitrais’ cooperation with Indonesian universities to encourage the growth of high quality graduates for the mining industry.


Supporting Annual ICoDSE to Encourage Indonesian IT Development

As a statement of its support for the Indonesian IT industry’s development, Mitrais became one of the sponsors for the 3rd International Conference on Data and Software Engineering (ICoDSE 2016). Taking part in promoting development and growth of IT education field is one of Mitrais’ corporate social responsibilities meant to give back to the society we operate in.


Cut Down Mining Operational Cost by Choosing the Best Haulage Roads

During Temu Profesi Tahunan (TPT) XXV 2016 held by Association of Indonesian Mining Professionals (PERHAPI) in Bandung, Aditya Ari Marindra, Mitrais’ Sales Manager, presented his research on how using haulage roads with gentler grade steepness and optimal conditions can cut down operational cost.


Bali a New IT Hotspot as Innovation Takes Hold

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, one of the country’s leading financial news agency in, Mitrais’ Group CEO David Magson talked about offshore software development and the how Indonesia is a fertile soil for growing IT businesses.


Mitrais Rated as Top Indonesian IT Company to Work at

Mitrais is rated in the top 5 Indonesian IT & telecommunication companies to work for, according to Qerja.com. On a separate occasion, Jobplanet also places Mitrais within the ten best Indonesian companies in terms of work and life balance.


Avoid Future Vaccine Scandal with Authorisation Control over Purchasing

Authorisation control for Purchasing is indispensable in protecting a hospital’s assets, particularly in the purchase and sales of medicines, one of the hospital’s most important work capitals.


Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) Now Supports BPJS Integration to Improve Hospitals’ Service Efficiency

One of the major benefits from the recently released Ksatria Medical Systems HIS is its capability to integrate with the Indonesian government mandated Healthcare Social Security System (BPJS)’ applications


New KMS Version Released! Integrated, End-to-end Hospital Information System

Ksatria announces the release of KMS, an end-to-end hospital information system (HIS) that can integrate all the hospital processes starting from registration, clinical process up to back office processes.

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