Laos Mine Geomodeling Made Easy with MineScape Stratmodel

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Recently, Vientiane-based Xekong Power Plant Limited (XPPL) decided to use MineScape. The MineScape provides enhanced mine geological modeling that saves the company both time and effort to produce accurate and easy to modify 3D mine models, which will subsequently ensure more accurate mine planning.

“We reap significant benefits in using the MineScape’s automation in geologic modeling,” explained Ben Rimando, the mining manager of XPPL. “Once you prepared the correct schema of the coal deposition, you can easily model the coal including the partings – a function that is not present in our current mine planning software. Additionally, you can easily update the model without going through the hassle of manually digitizing the seam and doing the solids.”

Prior to use MineScape, XPPL encountered difficulties in coal geological modeling work, especially in updating the model in accordance to the actual mining operations.

To ensure that XPPL staff can utilize the MineScape Stratmodel to its fullest potential, Mitrais’ manager Aditya Ari Marindra conducted a training session for XPPL geologist. He taught them how to utilized the Stratmodel’s commands and functions to create the best coal geological model that can be easily understood and modified when required.

XPPL team received training from Mitrais' manager, Aditya Ari Marindra

“Adit went through the step-by-step of the Stratmodel’s tools and command with XPPL’s geologists,” said Mr Rimando. “This understanding that they gained from this training will bring forth the skill of our XPPL geologist to model any coal deposition within our concession.”

About XPPL

Xekong Power Plant Limited is a subsidiary of Phonesack Group Co. Ltd., in Southern Laos in the Saravan and Xekong Provinces, about 800 KMs south of Vientiane Capital. The concession area spans 1,000 sq KMs. The plans for the company include mining of anthracite coal as fuel to their propose 3×330 MW Mine Mouth Power Plant Project, , coal washery and preparation plant for selling to local consumers and exportation of clean coal with higher heating values (+5,000 KCal/Kg).


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