Bayu Cahyadi, One of Mitrais’ Gems

One of our excellent Project Managers, Bayu Cahyadi was born with his twin, Whisnu, in Bandung. His father was such a fan of West Javanese traditional puppetry (known as Wayang Golek), that he said that he named the twins after the characters portrayed – Batara Bayu and Batara Wisnu. Bayu fondly remembers watching performances on local television every Saturday night with his father.

Growing up, he and his brother exhibited typical twin behaviour at first, dressing alike and attending the same kindergarten and schools right up to graduating junior high school. Bayu initially found a great fascination in IT, which he studied at junior high school. But as he progressed through senior high school, his focus switched to chemistry, and he even represented his school at the International Chemistry Olympiad (ICHO).

University found him gravitating back toward programming, however, and as his interest deepened he was appointed a Computer Programming Laboratory Assistant in only his 2nd year, delivering programming training in PASCAL and C++ for first-year college students. He also tried some freelance work creating applications for clients.

While Whisnu went on to a Master’s Degree in psychology and a career as a lecturer at the prestigious Padjajaran University, Bayu studied and graduated with a degree in Informatics Engineering from Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom Bandung (now known as Telkom University). Both he and Whisnu had been strongly influenced by their mother, a teacher, and Bayu credits her with instilling them with both the discipline to learn and her love of mathematics. Both the boys have found these incredibly useful in their careers.

On graduating, Bayu joined a fellow graduate for a short time in his start-up, providing software development to deliver premium SMS content to the public (a boom industry at the time). In 2005, Bayu read about Mitrais in the local newspaper, and the prospect of challenging himself in a large, international software development organisation was too much of a temptation. Given his background, it is not surprising that his application process was very smooth, and before he knew it he was offered a role as a developer.

Bayu initially saw joining Mitrais as a mixed blessing, though. Although he was excited by the opportunity to forge a career with such a reputable firm, he was (of course) sad that it would mean that he would need to relocate away from his family in Bandung to Bali, at least initially. But the warm welcome he received from his new Mitrais friends and colleagues reduced any homesick feelings that he had, and he was soon enjoying running, beach soccer and basketball, working hard during the week, and vacationing around Bali on the weekends.

Since then, Bayu has forged ahead in Mitrais, establishing himself as a knowledgeable team member with talent in a number of areas, and the personality to allow others to easily interact with (and learn from) him. Many Mitrais clients have also benefitted from his skills, and he is well regarded by them as well.

So, Bayu is clearly a talented member of the Mitrais team, but what is his “secret talent”? He is a master coffee brewer, enjoying not only manually brewing great coffee, but also indulging in a little “latte art”, expertly creating tulips and love hearts on demand. And with a wife who is an expert home baker, perhaps a café might be in his future some day?

Bayu says he lives his life according to one of his favourite quotes. As the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) told us “The best of people among you are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind”. Bayu says “What motivates me on a daily basis is to make myself useful and give the most benefit to people around me, whether it is for my work, my family or others”. And we can see that he really walks-the-walk in this regard.


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