MCAT is a cloud based catalog cleansing tool that streamlines the process of managing supply catalogues and is compatible with all of the leading ERP systems. Using MCAT will dramatically improve the productivity of your cataloguing team and ensure that duplicates are correctly identified. Most companies with large inventories lose track of what they have in stock because of the sheer volume of items and transactions they possess. Studies have shown that companies with more than 10,000 lines of items in stock who have never seriously addressed supply cataloguing standards will have at least 1,500 duplicated items, if not more. This results in a sizeable amount of capital is tied up in unnecessary stock because of duplicate and non-standard catalog entries. With its capabilities to customize standard material patterns, apply common cataloguing standards, perform duplication detection, and be accessible from anywhere through cloud based solution, MCAT brings to you a simple yet powerful tool that can:
  1. Save time and resources by detecting and eliminating duplicate catalog entries 
  2. Categorize the catalog data so it can be used more effectively for future reference and procurement 
  3. Prevent confusion resulting from conflicting catalog information for the same items 
  4. Be accessible by your staff and consultants from anywhere, not only from office or working site. 

Alongside this we also provide flexible, low-cost supply cataloguing services. We have many years of experience performing cataloguing and catalogue cleansing projects for multi-national clients. 

Our service comprises:
  • Cataloguing – creating a catalogue from raw data, electronic or paper based 
  • Catalogue Cleansing – reorganizing your catalogued data by implementing cataloguing standard 
  • Training – public or private training courses covering: Cataloguing principles and Advance Cataloguing 
  • Catalogue Assessment – analyzing the data in your catalogue to determine its condition and potential benefits to be gained by a cleansing project 
  • Business Process Review – working with your Cataloguing staff to develop procedures, controls, and KPIs to effectively manage your catalogue. 

MCAT Price Info

Product Annual Subscription Fee (USD)
MCat 2.0 for 3 users (for cloud and on premise version) 5,000
Additional user (per user) 150