MCat: Cataloguing Cleansing Tool


Mitrais Cataloguing Tool (MCat)

MCAT is a catalogue cleansing tool that streamlines the process of managing MRO spare parts and materials and is compatible with all of the leading ERP systems. Using MCAT will dramatically improve the productivity of your cataloguing team and ensure that duplicates are correctly identified.


Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) Cataloguing Services

A high quality material catalogue delivers bottom line benefits throughout the organization by implementing cataloguing principles and data standardization.


Mitrais Cataloguing Tool (MCat)

With its ability to customize standard material patterns, apply common cataloguing standards, and perform duplication detection, MCAT brings to you a simple yet powerful tool that can:

  • Save time and resources by detecting and eliminating duplicate catalogue entries
  • Categorize the catalogue data so it can be used more effectively for future reference and procurement
  • Prevent confusion resulting from conflicting catalogue information for the same items
  • Be accessible by your staff and consultants from anywhere, not only from office or working site

MCat 2.2. Features

Standardisation Capability

Mcat 2.2 is compatible with various standards for maintaining MRO master data, including Auslang, NATO Codification System (NCS) and United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC).

Multiuser and Roles

MCat 2.2 allows regulation of user’s roles and access. Without disrupting the MRO master data, security clearance can be gradually raised to enable new users to gradually familiarize themselves with the system.


MCat 2.2 accommodates multiple projects with separate MRO master data and cataloguing standards and allows companies to maintain their supply catalogue information for each site or industry separately.

Bulk Change

Often due to various user needs, bulk data needs to be changed. Bulk change can be used for multiple functions, such as assigning catalogue items to cataloguers, naming processes, processing quality assurance, etc.

Customizable Descriptive Pattern

MCat 2.2 allows users to customize and maintain the descriptive patterns that will be used to keep the data consistent by creating their own or using available cataloguing standards.

Duplication Validation

During the catalogue cleansing process, duplication can happen when users assign a new name and when the process re-sequences MRO master data. This feature ensures that there is no duplication in the cleaned data.

Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) Cataloguing Services

Paving the Way to Optimized Inventory.

Studies have shown that companies with more than 10,000 line items of stock, who have never seriously addressed Supply Cataloguing Standards, will have up to 1500 duplicated items. That is a lot of capital tied up in unnecessary stock.

Supply Cataloguing Process


Collection Information

  • Items Inspection
  • BOM
  • PO
  • Drawing
  • Catalog Book
  • Internet
  • Knowledge
  • Etc

Record Information

  • International Standard
  • Classification
  • Consistent
  • Concise

Save & Protect

Prevent from unauthorized amendment



Based on user requirement

Material cataloguing is not a complex discipline. Simply put, cataloguing is a means of unambiguously describing materials.

The process is called data standardization or data cleansing and comprises the following 5 simple steps:

  • Sort alphabetically
  • Place the noun first and re-sort
  • Format data, re-sequence qualifiers and re-sort
  • Apply encoding standards
  • Conduct full research, i.e., examine actual item and use standard names and abbreviations


Manufacturing companies struggle to keep inventory costs low while ensuring parts are available and accessible. Mitrais MRO service offers effective service parts management for your company.



Creating a catalogue from raw data, electronic, or paper based.

Catalogue Cleansing

Reorganizing material master data by implementing principles of supply cataloguing.


Public or private courses covering cataloguing principles and advanced cataloguing.

Catalogue Assessment

Assessment Analysing the data in your catalogue to determine its condition and potential benefits to be gained by a cleansing project.

Business Process Review

Working with your cataloguing staff to develop procedures, controls, and KPIs to effectively manage your catalogue.

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