User Interaction Design

Mitrais provides User Experience (UX) Design services that include Persona development, Task Analysis, Information Architecture, Process Flows, Pathways & User Journeys, Wireframes, Creative design and User Testing

Our role in creating a quality User Experience

Our role in helping our clients market their offering via the online medium, or to create highly usable applications, is to ensure the maximum effectiveness of whatever we deliver (whether it is a website, a web application or a promotional campaign). A very important measure of this effectiveness is the level of engagement of the target consumers.

From the outset our aim should therefore be to achieve the highest level of user engagement. In the broadest sense this means providing the highest quality user experience in the artefacts we develop for our clients.

In order to achieve this we must understand not only what our clients are seeking to offer online, but also who the target users are. Further, a demographic understanding is not enough. We must arrive at a deeper understanding of how consumers would relate to the online offering; their preferences, priorities, preconceptions and push-backs. Tools such as personas or task analysis help us arrive at this understanding.

Once we have identified what motivates (or demotivates) user engagement with an online offering, we can develop content, functionality or design to maximise this engagement.

Looked at in this way, creating a quality user experience can be seen as equivalent to aligning our client’s offering with the online target market.

While the achievement of a good user experience across many aspect of an online interaction will depend on the specific online offering and its target market, one aspect of a good user experience remains constant for all online interactions: ease-of-use or usability.

Good usability is largely independent of the specific offering or market because it relates to the mechanics of human interaction via a virtual interface (for example, web pages or client interface). Achieving a high level of ease-of-use then requires a good awareness of online user behaviour and the design conventions that have been established in graphical user interfaces.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is about structuring the information assets to meet user needs in a way that reflects how users think about the content. It is concerned with ensuring that people can find the content they are looking for on the website.

Pathways, Interaction Flows and User Journeys

A good interaction design forms the backbone of a user’s experience and can speed adoption. We use it to ensure that the components and page flows are optimised so that users can seamlessly complete their tasks and achieve their goals on the site.

Process Flows

These are created to describe the process within a user’s task. They display associated screens, decision points and conditional branches.

Wireframes, Sitemaps and Template Matrices

Wireframes are used in conjunction with Sitemaps to display the proposed navigation and content elements, functions, modules and requirements.

Creative Design

Our experienced art directors and designers work closely with the user experience team to create engaging and compelling creative GUI designs that bring to life our client’s brand and creatively engages with the target user.


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