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Mobile solutions have come of age. From responsive web design across desktop, tablet and mobile, through to mobile app development with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms, mobility has become one of the hot items for businesses to enhance their competitiveness on the global stage.

Mitrais can rightfully claim extensive experience in creating mobile applications and porting existing applications between different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows mobile operating system. With a team of more than 20 experienced and well-trained developers, Mitrais are developing mobile applications for more than 15 clients using mobile core languages (iOS, Android & Windows Phone), 3rd party frameworks, mobile graphic programming, data management and mobile sensor programming.

Strong user experience has always been key to Mitrais in developing mobile applications and responsive websites. Our approach to responsive design ensures the user experience is optimised across all mobile devices and browsers irrespective of screen size.

Mitrais has been commissioned to develop mobile apps for a wide range of markets covering internal and external applications, providing clients with robust and scalable applications. Many of our applications leverage cameras, accelerometers and other sensors available on mobile devices, and often make use of embedded databases such as SQLite that comes with Apple’s iOS.

The Microsoft Gold Partnership that Mitrais has continuously held since 2006 is based partially on our mobile solutions software development track record. We continue to work with some of the world's best known companies developing Windows applications which leverage mobile technologies. Highlights include a Windows Mobile 7 native application that enables users to manage residential construction jobs, and a native Windows mobile application inventory management system which automatically uploads orders and updates the restocking process.

If you are ready to join the mobile revolution, Mitrais is ready to help you develop your mobile competitive edge.


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