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Mitrais provides services for Java SE and EE, Java Foundation Class (Swing, AWT, Java 2D). With a total of over 65 Java resources and also 12 active Java projects as per Q1 2017, we have the size and capacity to serve our existing as well as potential Java customers.

Java is an extremely flexible application development language and considered as a natural choice for multiple operating system platforms. Advantages of using Java include:

  • Multiplatform capability and scalability

This is core value proposition of the Java platform. Java applications can be deployed and executed across widely used operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X, thus offering a wide range of deployment platform options. Option to deploy Java application in open source OS such as Linux/UNIX also offers an advantage in term of lower cost deployment.

  • Lower cost development

Java language and most of its libraries and development frameworks are open source, which offers compelling advantages in terms of lower costs required for application development.

  • Open source community support

The Java platform is supported by numerous open source communities, from which many of the most interesting technologies were born. This ensures expedited timeframes in adopting new technologies. Examples can be seen in adoption of Big Data, Cloud deployment, DevOps, and others.

  • More modular development

Spring framework is currently the most popular Java based application development framework for the enterprise, offering a development platform that enables loose coupling between the component and more modular development in the codebase. This translates to higher flexibility in development and testing and faster delivery.

Combining these benefits with the specific advantages of desktop based applications, Java Desktop Technologies offer:

  • Higher performance for heavy interactive User Interfaces,
  • Richer User Interface experiences,
  • More efficient client side programming, and
  • Higher application availability even during unavailability of network connection.

Java desktop technology is an option for multi-platform application that requires interactive and visually stunning User Interfaces, high application availability, and lower cost development. 

Mitrais has software engineers with extensive experience in creating new applications, adding new application features and even full-cycle product development, by using range of Java desktop technology platform, including Java SE (Standard Edition), Java Swing, and Java AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit). With the experienced Mitrais developers, the applications are also designed using Design Patterns as the best practices to ensure the developed application can fully utilize the application’s framework.

Mitrais has been engaged to develop wide range of Java Desktop applications including:

  • Enhancing client’s scheduling software application
  • Java based web service adapter for messaging system
  • Desktop application for a food chain system
  • Stand-alone module for Request for Quotation (RFQ) and bidding management


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