Enterprise Integration

Mitrais provides Enterprise Integration services that includes Mule ESB, BizTalk, ETL, XML, Enterprise Integration Pattern, Connector, and API development.

Mitrais can help you integrate your applications to extend your legacy assets and future-proof current investments.

And we can also help in solving many of today’s business challenges in what we call The New Enterprise.

We can simplify your on-premise, enterprise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration challenges.

Why Integration?

Most of our clients have a number of on-premise systems and databases that reside comfortably behind the firewall. These systems have been built up over time, often decades, and they’re unlikely to go away anytime soon. They have too much invested in them and they’re performing mission-critical work for their business.

However, in addition to these systems, they also rely on a host of other systems and services that reside in the cloud. The problem is that they need to get all of these systems connected. 


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