On June 9 2017, Mitrais officially released the new V5.4 version of it’s industry-leading MMS Hospital Management System. The new version builds on the success of the current MMS system, already recognised as one of the most advanced and integrate HIS/PAS systems available, by adding major enhancements to the management and patient processing capabilities.

New to V5.4 is the Analytical Dashboard tool which is sure to be popular with hospital management. This tool automates the easy-to-interpret graphical presentation of key clinical and hospital data in one place. Allowing the visualisation of critical management data in this way allows managers to easily track and monitor the organisation’s performance against value-based operational KPI’s, ensuring that trends can be easily identified and provision made for real-time adjustments as required. Bringing the power and depth of MMS data analysis to such an intuitive dashboard means that hospital and clinic management can be instantly aware of the operational health of their facilities, ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes.

V5.4 also includes a new Barcode Reader for the administration module. Having access to integrated barcode recognition means that processes such as data entry, patient registration and appointment management can be significantly streamlined resulting in huge efficiency improvements. Not only does the use of barcodes in MMS mean speedier lookup and retrieval of patient information, it also eliminates the problems associated with human error and duplicate records that are often experienced within hospitals and clinics.

Along with all of the existing features of MMS including PAS, Clinical and Hospital Information management, Accounting and Pharmacy Information Systems, V5.4 continues to build on MMS’s key competitive advantages.

Mitrais’ MMS system remains the flagship offering in the HIS/PAS space, and V5.4 continues the innovation.