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22 Mar 2017

Advantages of Using React v03

React is the most famous library created by Facebook. React's core objective is to help develop front-end applications efficiently by re-using the declarative plugins.

So what are the advantages of using React for front-end development? Read more to find out!

News & Updates

14 Mar 2017

Improve Your Productivity with Integrated Mine Scheduling and Haulage

Mitrais is holding one day seminar in Balikpapan on the topic above. What you can get in this seminar? Click to find out and to get your seat in this seminar.

News & Updates

28 Feb 2017

Spring Boot is Not a New Spring

You might already use Spring in your project and you are happy with it. But have you looked at using Spring-Boot works? Want to know the differences from Spring? Read on to find out the answers from our developer.

News & Updates

21 Feb 2017

How Process Mapping Proves an HIS’ Reliability

Process mapping provides a better understanding of how a system works in business and on projects. It describes every activity using a clear and detailed diagram that allows anyone reading it to understand what has happened quickly and correctly. Read more to know how Mitrais uses process mapping in implementing and developing MMS.

News & Updates

21 Feb 2017

Apps for Office is hot, Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is cool

There’s always pros and cons between using Apps for Office and Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). See what our developers have to say about it.

News & Updates

13 Feb 2017

MCC Indonesia Implements MineScape for Improved Productivity

MCC Indonesia has made MineScape their choice of mine planning solution to be used in their Indonesian-based projects. As ABB trusted MineScape Business Partner, Mitrais is engaged by MCC Indonesia to assist in its implementation and subsequent configuration.

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31 Jan 2017

Should I learn Objective-C or Swift first in 2017?

Which one should you learn first? Objective-C or Swift? Read this to help make a good decision!

White Papers

31 Jan 2017

Mitrais Special Report: Hybrid Mobile Framework for Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Developing a cross-platform app is a convenient option – one source code for multiple platform. Problem is: which framework to develop it with? Get our Special Report for free to help you decide!

Success Stories

19 Jan 2017

DocsCorp Leverages Mitrais’ Microsoft Azure Expertise to Expand into the Cloud

As Office 365 is gaining popularity, especially among their clients, DocsCorp saw it as important to be a part of the change. DocsCorp cloud, a series of DocsCorp products hosted in the cloud, was released as a part of this initiative.

News & Updates

12 Jan 2017

Spry Scheduler Introduced to Future Mining Professionals

In December, Mitrais’ sales manager Aditya Ari Marindra became a guest lecturer in a workshop for mining scheduling at the Trisakti University, Jakarta, as a part of Mitrais’ cooperation with Indonesian universities to encourage the growth of high quality graduates for the mining industry.