Why Mitrais?

With deep domain expertise in healthcare, and having worked on many commercial software packages in various sectors of the healthcare industry, Mitrais is well positioned to develop your solution using a wide range of technologies, supported by testing, design, and user experience.

Our Expertise

Domain Expertise
Mitrais has worked on commercial off-the-shelf healthcare software products for the acute/hospital sector, the primary care (general practice) sector and the community health and aged care sectors.
Legacy Modernisation
Many health facilities have home-grown applications that were built as temporary solutions but have become mission critical. Mitrais can refresh or rewrite them to ensure they can continue to serve the organisation.
Mitrais is the development partner to Ksatria, a Singapore-based software vendor selling a Hospital Information and Hospital Finance Systems to emerging economies in SE Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East.
Enterprise Grade
Mitrais can build high performance, highly available and secure mission-critical applications to ensure clinical safety, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.
General Practice
Mitrais is the development partner to MediRecords, an Australian-based software vendor selling a cloud-based General Practice system to the sophisticated Australian market with full integration to the Australian Government’s Medicare.
There is a growing desire from clinicians to do their work while on the move. Mitrais can build intuitive, secure applications capable of working on a variety of devices and form factors so that clinicians aren’t tethered to their desks.
Front Office & Back Office
Mitrais has developed front-line solutions for patients, clinicians and patient administration staff, and back office solutions for finance, billing and claiming staff.
Government and Regulation

Mitrais has built software for use in a number of jurisdictions. We are familiar working with published standards and requirements and integrating with government healthcare systems.

Patient Engagement
Patients are becoming increasingly involved in their care. Mitrais has built easy to use patient-facing mobile applications and self-serve kiosks that have improved patient engagement and satisfaction for our customers.
Global Experience
Mitrais has developed software for use in the Australian, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Philippine healthcare sectors. Where required, our software has passed government certification for use in that country.
Doctors on Staff
All teams working on healthcare products for clients have access to several medical doctors employed by Mitrais.
Full Lifecycle
Mitrais can manage the whole software lifecycle from initial analysis to design (including UI/UX design) to development, testing/QA and deployment.
Integration & Interoprability
Siloed applications, especially in healthcare, are ineffective and introduce inefficiencies. Mitrais can design and build application from the ground up to work well with existing clinical and back-office systems and medical devices.
Cloud Systems
Mitrais is working on cloud/SaaS applications and we have experience in automated testing, continuous integrations/continuous deployment (CI/CD), performance scaling and sophisticated monitoring (i.e. DevOps).
Healthcare Standards
Mitrais is familiar with all of the relevant international standards used in healthcare, such HL7 v2.x, HL7 3, CDA, DICOM, ICD, LOINC, SNOMED, including the newest standard: FHIR.
Technology Stack
Regardless of which technology stack you want to use, we’re confident that with over 400 developers we can assemble a team with the relevant skills.

Our Clients