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NodeJS Developer

 Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Jogja

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We are looking for NodeJS Developer to be part of our team in Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Jogja.

What will you be doing?

  • Coding high-quality software using distributed computing, messaging, microservices, performance tuning and memory and resource management techniques.
  • Developing data-driven solutions for a range of clients - frontend as well as backend.
  • Collaborating within cross-functional and international agile teams.
  • Testing, debugging, re-testing, and coordinating with QA, validating software as ready for shipping.
  • Reviewing code and acting as a subject matter expert for juniors in the team.

What about you?

  • 2-4 years in NodeJS web application development.
  • Experience with Javascript ECMAScript 2015 (ES6).
  • Experience with JS Framework.
  • Excellent knowledge of event-based programming in Node.JS with Javascript.
  • Experience with NOSQL databases, MongoDB is prefered.
  • Familiarity with OOP, javascript framework preferably JQuery.
  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS3.
  • Understanding of Software Engineering practices (software requirement, design, testing and configuration management).
  • Skilled in programming, basic analysis and execute functional testing.
  • You can speak reasonable English.
  • You are well versed in best practices in OOP, design patterns, SOLID principles, and data driven design.
  • You are comfortable using git or TFS in a CI/CD environment.
  • You enjoy working on lean and agile development projects using Scrum & Kanban.
  • You love clean and beautiful code, with an eye for simplicity and pragmatism.

What can Mitrais offer you?

  • A CAREER, not a JOB!
  • Competitive salary.
  • Excellent working environment, with the possibility to relocate to our regional offices and work remotely.
  • Free English classes, English is our working language.
  • Lots of opportunities to improve your competencies on our technical boot camps, certification programs and soft skills training courses.
  • Hackathons with big prizes!
  • Take a break with Happy Hours, Billiard Tables, gaming rooms and free drinks and snacks to keep you 100% effective.

Learn about life at Mitrais from our current team by searching #mitraislife on LinkedIn or Instagram. Fill out the form below to apply.


What do They Say?

Vincencia Tika Dianti

“I’d like to recommend to everyone that they join Mitrais. The people are nice and friendly, and the company provides a good environment in which to grow our skill and experience.”

Vincencia Tika Dianti
Software Tester

Nanda Nurcholis

"If you are determined to learn more about IT and have stick-to-it-iveness, then I think Mitrais is one of the best places you will ever want to grow with."

Nanda Nurcholis

Mitrais Recruitment Process

Mitrais only recruits online and maintains its online job advertisements through this Career Site and through job portals like JobStreet.com. Mitrais is not responsible for advertisements and recruitments by sources other than as stated herein.

Mitrais Recruitment Process

Mitrais does not only conduct Equal Employment Opportunity but also strives to provide a pleasant recruitment experience. Mitrais’ Recruiter will be more than happy to guide you through each stage of the process and to answer any inquires that might arise during the process.

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Find out why at #MitraisLife

In 2021, over 170 new talented team members joined Mitrais. When we asked what brought them here, this is what they said:


Job Security

With its 30+ years of establishment, our team members are confident that Mitrais will provide job security. Even during the pandemic, Mitrais grew fast and made an exceptional profit. Our Software Engineers stay for six years on average, and many have developed their careers, even up to the Top Management level.

Professional Development

Having good English skills is much sought after by our staff. Mitrais puts great emphasis on helping you improve through free English classes and programs. Mitrais also heavily invests in numerous technical bootcamps, such as JavaScript bootcamps and AWS/ Azure certifications for all Software Engineers.

Work-Life Balance

This is what Mitrais staff love the most. WFH, offices in the main tourism areas, healthy work hours, social clubs, and events. Just right to keep everything in our lives in balance.

Mitrais Culture

Mitrais staff talk enthusiastically about the friendly and supportive Mitrais Culture. Employee well-being is our priority. During the pandemic, Mitrais even checks the employees’ well-being one-by-one, literally.

Social Events

Our social events are a big hit with our people. The biggest event of the year is the Mitrais Innovathon where your brilliant business plans may come to life, with prizes of Rp100 million for the winners! Let’s not forget the company’s sponsored clubs: photography, swimming, diving, snorkelling, badminton, tennis, table tennis, futsal, etc. Find like-minded friends and propose a new social club!

Health Support

BPJS? ✅ International-class Inpatient and Outpatient health insurance? ✅ Spectacle & soft lenses subsidies? ✅ Dental treatment? ✅ Free vaccination? ✅ Psychotherapy treatment? ✅ Periodic medical checkups? ✅ Oh, and they’re not just for you, but also for your beloved family.
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