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Why RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for banking and finance automation helps your institution break free from the limitations of managing legacy core systems, invigorate your RPA initiatives, and successfully scale automation across the enterprise.  

RPA can help you to do the following: 

  • automate unstructured data from emails, PDFs, documents, and forms 
  • put automation in the hands of your bank’s advisers (in customer-facing functions), 
  • automate processes no matter the scenario: attended, unattended, or hybrid (with a human in the loop), 
  • and many more. 

Financial service companies are fighting on different fronts. The winners overcome it by renewing their organizations to meet the massive challenges by building agility, resilience, and innovations into the fabric of their companies. They are reimagining how and where work will be done in the future and thinking in radically new ways about the role of technology in delivering this vision. Are you the one?

Benefits of Using RPA for Banking Industries

Capitalize your investments
Capitalize your investments

It breaks free from previous limitations and invigorates your automation initiative.

  • Process work end to end, faster and easier. 
  • Deliver new compliance use cases with attended and hybrid automation. 
  • Realize the full benefits of a more complete and expansive RPA opportunity. 
Control your compliance costs
Control your compliance costs

It uses intelligent technology instead of manual effort to achieve compliance productivity. 

  • Rapidly reduce compliance backlogs. 
  • Eliminate wasted effort by making your processes more intelligent with pragmatic Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
  • Evolve your workforce strategy to meet today’s banking demands. 
Improve your bank's risk profile​
Improve your bank's risk profile​

It reduces regulatory risk and fines by leveraging a digital workforce. 

  • Reduce manual errors down to near-zero. 
  • Refocus your team’s efforts on investigation and analysis. 
  • Update automation as quickly as regulations change to keep pace with requirements. 

RPA for Banking Use Cases

Challenge #1

The need to automate an operation in the reference data setup and pricing area to remove manual efforts, as well as to increase efficiency, proficiency and productivity while reducing processing errors. The operation is volume-intensive and critical to the downstream process.


The robots can pick-up the custodian requests from the input-queue and process by validating ISIN with different financial service providers. The timely activity for pricing, like morning, afternoon, and evening, can be scheduled and processed accordingly. The activity for corporate action, including daily dividend processing, pay date checks, retro corporate actions, and retro dividends, can be fully automated. 

Challenge #2

The need to automate back-office processes with a volume of 25,000 receipts per month. The information is structured, with pre-determined rules and conditions. The process has 10% of exceptions and involves the use of paper. The finance receipting process extracts the input from the source file. Based on the transaction type, it separates the client details such as card/check and feeds the user information in the back-office accounting system. 


The robots can handle the interface between the system and the web. It can export various documents from it, upload, and perform processing in the web portal. The system can generate receipt numbers for clients/customers and update the details to their respective template then send it to the brokers/adjustors. 


Why Mitrais?

Mitrais has a wealth of experience providing software development services and products for a range of clients within the financial, banking, and insurance sectors. We have helped to develop a wide range of software solutions for our partners, including client-facing mobile banking applications, integrated web-based wealth management systems, secure investment and trading systems, financial management systems for insurers, etc. 

We are well-positioned to provide the best solutions using a wide range of technologies for your company. Contact us now to get a free consultation. 

Banking Software Solutions

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