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Working from offices in Singapore and Indonesia, our expertise in Node.js web app development is extensive, and our team has worked with more than 500 clients many of whom work with us repeatedly.


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Why Mitrais?

As a world-class software development company founded as long ago as 1991, Mitrais is the market-leading outsource Node.js development company with many satisfied clients in Australia and Singapore. We work with clients in the IT and software world who enjoy the benefit of our experience and are party to the reliable and trusted service and solutions we provide. Mitrais is dedicated to ensuring 100% commitment and attention to detail in every project we engage with.

As your chosen partner in Node.js projects, you can rest assured that Mitrais will enact stringent quality control checks throughout the project. This ensures the end product is bug-free, flawless, and ready to use out of the box. The Mitrais team of dedicated Node.js professionals are passionate about providing the results our clients require as evidenced by the excellent customer testimonies published below.

We Understand Your Pain Point

Technical Depth

For businesses wishing to develop a bespoke web app Mitrais are the people to talk to for cost-effective and expert services in Node.js web app development. Why do we recommend Node.js? Node.js is the preferred development tool for web apps for real-time use, offering optimal performance no matter what the end result needs to be.
As Mitrais is a leading outsource Node.js development company our clients get the benefit of unrivalled expertise in the web app development field without the cost of hiring a full-time app developer. This service is used by small, medium and major businesses in Australia and Singapore.
We bring to the table the experience of a team of Node.js development experts who are the best you will find. With expertise in designing and building web apps for a wide variety of clients in varied areas of industry and commerce Mitrais understands that the main barrier to in-house app development is cost. Our rates are competitive and using our expert team will always be more cost-effective than hiring for the purpose.
Node.js is a JavaScript apparatus hence is used for chats, for trading platforms, and for real-time applications such as messaging services, monitoring dashboards and multi-player online games. At Mitrais we can help you develop the app you need quickly, efficiently and at a cost you can afford.
Talk to one of our team now and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have on Node.js, what Mitrais can do for you, and why we are the people to work with on your web app development.

Long Term Partnership

Our extensive experience as an outsource Node.js development company has involved us working with more than 500 clients, many of whom have become long-term customers thanks to our expertise in Node.js web app development. With a commitment to providing first-class, professional services we are proud of a reputation for quality solutions that meet our client’s needs. Please check out the testimonials below and get in touch so we can see how Mitrais can help you with your web app requirement.

We’re very happy with Wendy’s work. In fact, things are progressing much swifter than I initially anticipated and at an exceptionally high quality.

Rory Koehler mitrais client
Rory Koehler, CTO
8common, Australia

Mitrais provides RYCO with the availability of qualified resources who can scale depending on our requirements and business challenges, and the ability to constantly deliver four drivers: Cost, Capacity, Collaboration, and Process.

Adam Rollo, Ryco
Adam Rollo, Head of IT
RYCO, Australia

I will give Mitrais a 10 out of 10. The team is great and things run smoothly, which you can tell from the fact that I have never had to raise any major concerns. All of this is due to Mitrais' great processes which does make things easier to manage. I also love the fact that it’s always possible to use those excess man-days as corporate days for upskilling the team in new technology which is not something easy to find from other providers. It is a very valuable part of the service that Mitrais provides overall, being able to provide team members that are trained or have the opportunity to go and learn those new technologies without sacrificing their time in the project. So, I think that’s a huge positive for the services.

jim lim mitrais client
Jim Lim, Global Research and Development Manager
DocsCorp, Australia

Some of Our Clients

Case Studies

RYCO Hydraulics is working with Mitrais team to equip the RAM digital platform with new capabilities that include manufacturing of an asset, and customer service location which help customers locate their nearest RYCO 24/7 for service.
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As Office 365 is gaining popularity, especially among their clients, DocsCorp saw it as important to be a part of the change. DocsCorp cloud, a series of DocsCorp products hosted in the cloud, was released as a part of this initiative.
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Integrated Engagement Model

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Estimation is backed up by M-CMS system auto-generated inputs. Timesheet and project management uses Microsoft Project Server and is integrated with our own SONIC system. Depending on the client’s requirement, Mitrais uses either Waterfall (RUP – Rational Unified Process) or Agile (SCRUM development cycle). Estimation and modelling for software development is supported by Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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