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It is a fundamental principle espoused by Mitrais that, as a commercial enterprise, it gives something back to the community in which it operates.

Giving something back

From the destruction, sadness and social upheaval of the Bali bombings came the opportunity to give tangible form to that principle through support for the establishment and ongoing operation of YKIP (Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi) or the Humanitarian Foundation for Mother Earth.

Originally set up to assist in the recovery efforts after the Bali bombing in October 2002, YKIP’s mission has expanded to span a diverse range of educational programs for which the works are still dedicated to the memory of the victims both overseas and local.

Each year YKIP through its four main programs is sponsoring around 500 children from elementary to high school (KEMBALI), vocational studies (VES) and university (UNI) for the orphans and disadvantaged children from poor families; and providing scholarship to those who lost a parent or who had permanently injured parent during the Bali bombing through KIDS program.

Giving something back

YKIP was the natural outcome of the work done by Mitrais and the Bali Recovery Group during the immediate aftermath of the bombing. A group of concerned citizens wanted to ensure that assistance to victims would continue long after the aid agencies pulled out.

Giving something backMitrais staff became involved from the first day working with the Australian and UK Embassies and later with various relief agencies.

The company continues to support YKIP in many ways including the provision of IT support, development and design services for its website and assisting with YKIP’s educational scholarship program by providing soft skills development, packing and distribution of school supplies.

Individual Mitrais staff members are YKIP office bearers and the Foundation is further supported with serviced office space and part time accounting services.


KEMBALI Education Programs


"In Bali today, approximately 127,000 students under 18 years old come from poor families and have the potential to drop out of school"

Vocational Education Programs


"Over 50% of Bali’s unemployed are senior high school graduates, lacking in appropriate skills and therefore employment opportunities; with most coming from poor families, they remain trapped in the cycle of poverty"

University Education Programs


"Sponsoring talented high school graduates to pursue higher education"

KIDS Education Programs


"We are here to assist them both morally and materially as well as giving them the courage to think positively and get on with their lives"


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